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Senior Producer,
Creative Services

I wanted to put together a selection of projects that I've worked on recently which reflect the skills outlined in the job description.

This first section is a selection of my work that I feel demonstrates the wide variety of my experience in videography, which includes lots of promotional content for various organizations. All examples were planned, shot and edited by myself using a variety of cameras (Lumix, Black Magic, Canon) and Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects.

Here are some examples of my script & copywriting skills from various projects. I was also heavily involved in the voice over script for the Markel video above (top left).

Please click here to read a script I wrote recently for a short film made for a client introducing the theme of an event they were planning. The client loved the script.

Below are links to my Instagram profile.

Below are some of the 5 star reviews I've received for work I have done through my own business (please click on one to read more).

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